Javier Girotto and Vince Abbracciante Duo

It is certainly not the first time that jazz and the traditions of the South of the world meet to end up in a vigorous embrace, similar to an impetuous and unexpected tango. It is not even the first time that the accordion, a popular instrument that carries in its body the echo of all the folklores of the world, has risen from its traditional universe. The saxophonist Javier Girotto, born in Argentina but star of Italian jazz since the nineties and the rising star of the accordion Vince Abbracciante have the sensitivity and talent to take this exercise of style to its highest degree of aesthetic fulfillment and sentimental poetry. The two artists offer original music, a fascinating bridge between southern Italy and South America with neoclassical pieces, free improvisation, melancholy excerpts and expressive refinement that addresses both the soul and introspective thought.

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