Selected Press


“…one of the most interesting violinists nowadays on the international scene, capable of browsing around different sounds and genres without ever losing his unmistakable style.” la Repubblica (Italy)

“Held in the gorgeous bandshell of Mears Park downtown, [the Twin Cities Jazz Festival] includes…the international, freewheeling talents of Joshua Redman [and the Bad Plus], Delfeayo Marsalis, Francisco Mela & Cuban Safari, Araya Orta Latin Jazz Quartet and the Luca Ciarla Quartet.” The New York Times (Usa)

“Fundamentally defining the band is Ciarla’s swooping, soaring, laughing, crying, lyrical violin, which can swap between childlike elation and grown-up intensity, bar by bar.” John Shand, The Sydney Morning Herald (Australia)

“Luca Ciarla has wooed the classical, jazz and folk crowds with his originality.” Cover Magazine (Hong Kong)

“Luca Ciarla is an artist from Molise with a cosmopolite soul. Around the strings of his violin his gypsy touch blends with jazz, classical and folk sonorities, creating fun and funny restless music. Informal and casual, easily transcends the boundaries among genres to trace an innovative musical path.” Vera Lisi, Il Fatto Quotidiano (Italy)

“Playing in ‘real time’ against one or more repeated samples provides an approach to ‘music with repetitive structures’ (the phrase that Philip Glass prefers to the less-informative word ‘minimalism’) that can be achieved by a soloist whose technical skills extend to the demands of the sampler. It also requires cultivating a skill for identifying the samples that should be captured and using them to their most imaginative advantage. Luca Ciarla is a soloist with those skills.” Stephen Smoliar, The San Francisco Examiner (Usa)

“If you want to label him you could say that he is a jazz musician, but his composite music education and his denial of mainstream jazz, make him much, and fortunately, unclassifiable.” Ciro De Rosa, Blogfoolk (Italy)

“The evening was enriched by the presence of Luca Ciarla, virtuoso violinist from Termoli, invited by Daniele Sepe to join the band for the latest songs in the lineup. An ‘improvisation’ which merged with the exciting rhythms offered by the band.” Primonumero (Italy)

“With the support of a loop machine and his violin, Luca Ciarla bares his soul and the possibilities of the instrument, creating a contemporary work of other times. From the interpretation of the Lucignolo theme to the traditional Bella Ciao played in folk-jazz style, there is no mere technical show off but a steady balance between lightness and refinement.” Francesca Grispello, Ferro & Tabacco (Italy)

“The music of the Luca Ciarla Quartet cannot be labeled. It is neither jazz or classical, contemporary or folk. It contains elements of all these styles and even more, but the most prominent characteristic is imaginative power. It is music with color and feeling. Music without limits.” Elretha Britz, Volksblad (South Africa)

“Attenzione! Meet the Italian violinist Luca Ciarla. His quartet brought us into a new horizon where contemporary jazz, classical and ethnic ambiences blended in magic. As he often surprised his audiences everywhere he went, this time he did it once again at the Java Jazz Festival. Grazie per la bella musica, Luca”! Jazzuality (Indonesia)

“This daring Italian violinist and composer puts his instrument at the service of a sparkling repertoire blending jazz, classical music and European folklore…another champion of the resined bow.” Montreal Jazz Festival (Canada)

“Among the most interesting events [Strings City Festival, Florence] related to places, suggestions and relevant situations, we would surely point out violinist Luca Ciarla in loop station, multiplying himself at Palazzo Strozzi and performing around the exhibition by Marina Abramović.” Il Giornale della Musica (Italy)

“Roccella Jazz Festival, ‘Ferragosto’ [August 15th feast] dedicated to the ‘Italians’. We move outside Italy with a musician that is often invited to perform outside the national borders: violinist Luca Ciarla with his solo concert, one man band with violin, voice, loop station and electronics.” Il Sole 24 Ore (Italy)

“Luca Ciarla’s music has its roots in contemporary jazz but it is coloured with refined influences from ethnic and classical music, giving life to a fascinating and unpredictable new acoustic sound.” Giancarlo Bastianelli, TGcom Mediaset (Italy)

“Performing in solo with the help of a loop machine, the amazing Italian violinist Luca Ciarla presents fascinating original compositions and a few extraordinary arrangements of favourites like Black Orpheus”. All About Jazz (Usa)

“Any solo concert can be a challenge for both the performer and the audience. The former can’t let his or her concentration drop, even for a second, as he/she has no band mates to hide behind. Luca Ciarla has solved the sonic solo conundrum, at least, by augmenting his one-man violin output with a little help from some state-of-the-art overlaying gizmos.” The Jerusalem Post (Israel)

“The top Italian jazz violinist – think gypsy flourishes with a Mediterranean tinge – returns to Dubai after a top gig at the Madinat Jumeirah last year.” TimeOut Dubai (United Arab Emirates)

“An extraordinary preview opens the way to the fourth edition of “Live in Villa di Donato”…violinist Luca Ciarla being the main attraction.” Il Mattino (Italy)