Newsletter 37

The long awaited new album by the Luca Ciarla Quartet will be finally out in November! Mostly recorded in Thailand during their last tour in Asia, ViolinAir features Vince Abbracciante on accordion and piano, Nicola Di Camillo on bass and double bass, Francesco Savoretti on drums/percussions and Luca Ciarla on violin, electronics, vocals, ocarina, baritone violin and toy instruments. Listen on Radio Violipiano to the opening tune Re Mi-Lo Sol. 

Proudly introducing a new Violipiano artist. Born in Allentown, Pennsylvania (Usa) and raised in the beautiful scenery of the Appalachian Mountains in a family with extraordinary musical talent, composer and pianist Chris Jarrett is simply an outstanding musician. In Chris Jarrett‘s music classical and ethnic forms coexist peacefully with the most extreme contemporary language and the freedom of jazz improvisation.

After her worldwide cycle of exhibitions Visionaria which has brought her unique style to New York, Singapore, Amsterdam, Rome and at the MAT Museum in Apulia, Keziat goes back to Asia for a performance in Singapore commissioned by Ricciotti’s, realized in collaboration with the Sabiana Paoli Art Gallery. Follow her on Facebook for news about exhibitions and performances in Italy and abroad coming up in the next few months.

On December 7 do not miss the concert at the Auditorium in Rome! Our new album ViolinAir will be officially presented and the Luca Ciarla Quartet, Chris Jarrett and special guest Keziat will all be performing in one of the most beautiful venues in Italy. For tickets and more information about our event please go on the Auditorium website. Meanwhile watch on Violipiano Tv our new video, recorded last summer at Jazz di Marca Festival.